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Easy pie charts and donut charts with ggforce

I make pie charts and donut charts in ggplot2 using a combination of a bar plot and polar coordinates. This works fine but polar coordinates prevent using any other geoms or annotations that need Cartesian coordinates. For example, annoatation_raster doesn't work with polar coordinates. ggforce solves this issue.

Donut Chart and Geofacets with Images

In this post, I recreate the donut chart overlaid on geo facets. Based on a friend's feedback, I now add pictures of winners of each state.

Persistence in Mutual Fund Performance

In this article, I reproduce Figure 1 from Mark Carhart's classic 1997 Journal of Finance article titled "On Persistence in Mutual Fund Performance". The visualizations are created using highcharter and echarts4r packages. It is an interactive bar plot that shows that there is a very low persistence in the mutual fund performance.

Donut Chart and Geofacets

How to combine a donut chart with geofacets in R.

MSDA Faculty

A list of MSDA full-time faculty

Mapping Election Win Probabilities

I show how to create a election map using ggplot2

Welcome to R Data Visualization

Welcome to my new blog, R Data Visualization. I hope youe enjoy the code and visualizations!

Plotting Covid-19 Pandemic

Interactive plot of Covid-19 cases

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