Donut Chart and Geofacets with Images

In this post, I recreate the donut chart overlaid on geo facets. Based on a friend’s feedback, I now add pictures of winners of each state.

Ashwin Malshe

For the background and more details on this plot, please check out my earlier blog post:

Getting the data

As of the date of this writing (21st November 2020), the results of the US Presidential elections have not tallied. The counting is still going on in a few states. However, it is unlikely that the results will change significantly from this point onward. I decided to get data from this Github repo, which scrapes data from NYT. The data is at county-level:

Final plot

This is the plot I created. I have used Biden and Trump pictures from Check it out for a lot of free, attribution-free images. I also tried using Trump and Biden icons but it did not work well. I got Trump and Biden icons from here respectively:

Trump icon Biden icon

These are free to use with attribution.