MSDA Faculty

A list of MSDA full-time faculty

Ashwin Malshe

We don’t have an official listing for the faculty teaching in the MS in Data Analytics (MSDA) program at UTSA as we don’t have any professors permanently assigned to the program. However, there are a few professors, including me, who have been teaching regularly in MSDA. The following table lists these professors and the links to their profiles.

Course Faculty
DA6213. Data-Driven Decision Making and Design Yeonjoo Park
DA6223. Data Analytics Tools and Techniques Wenbo Wu
DA6233. Data Analytics Visualization and Communication Ashwin Malshe
DA6813. Data Analytics Applications Arka Roy
Ashwin Malshe
DA6823. Data Analytics Practicum I Max Kilger
DA6833. Data Analytics Practicum II Max Kilger
IS6713. Data Foundations Anthony Rios
IS6733. Deep Learning on Cloud Platforms Paul Rad
STA6443. Statistical Modeling Yeonjoo Park
STA 6543. Predictive Modeling Min Wang